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   Jaylach Photo Gallery™ is a free service designed for photographers.  While it does not have all the bells and whistles of some services such as Photo Bucket the image quality tends to be better as there is no compression done to uploaded images  The quality uploaded is exactly the same as will be seen on the gallery.

   Gallery albums can be set up as public or private.  Private albums can be password protected.  You can also have as many albums as you desire.

   The gallery supports most major image formats such as JPG, GIF and PNG.  There is also support for audio and video files.  You can also download a Java based application that will allow you to handle your albums directly from your desktop.

   Grab your camera, take some pics and give us your best shot!

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This is a free site.

   Sadly this site is not actively accepting registrations at this time due to the fact that I must first figure out a way to beat the low life spammers that over run the site if registration is open. .  As things are I WILL allow a registration but just delete them as fast as the spammers come in. If  you look at the site and really want to join it can still be done.  Just go to and submit a contact request stating the user name you will use on the site and I will allow.

  While Our Sheridan is specific to the Sheridan, Wyoming area it is still open to all.  This is a community site with many features for your use.  There is a community discussion forum, blog system, events calendar, theatre listings, an author's corner, classified ads and, of course, games.  Along with all that every registered member may have their own personal web page and send messages to other members.

   Registration is required on Our Sheridan but it is a painless process and totally free.

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This is a free site.

   Beerme's GIF Gallery is a collection of animated GIF images all available for free download.  There are no fees of any kind involved.

  At present there are over 2900 images set up in categories.  All images may be linked to for forum use but images used on web sites should be downloaded and then uploaded directly to your site.

   This gallery is rather unique in that all images will show on the same page without the need to refresh or use your back button.  All of the different categories will show at the top. Thumbnail images for a selected category will appear on the left side of the screen with a selected animation appearing on the right side of the screen.

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This is a free site.

   Jaylach Support Forums are specific to the Jaylach series of sites.  These forums offer support for Jaylach Photo Gallery and Beerme's GIF Gallery.

   Here you can get in-depth help with any issues you may have on any of our sites.  You can also use it as a place to show off your photo albums or just visit.

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This is a free site.

Not for free sites

   This is a commercial site for the sale of photos.  All photos are grouped by category for easy access.  Prices are reasonable and payment is through the secure PayPal system.

   When you decide on the photos that you want to purchase you just click to view your shopping cart and you are taken to the PayPal site to use your existing PayPal account or enter your credit/debit/bank card info to finish the transaction.  Once payment is made the images printed and shipped to you at the address you specify.  We only sell image prints.  We do not frame photos.

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This is a commercial site for the sale of photos.

LachSoft Systems   This site deals with computer builds and repair in the Sheridan, Wyoming and surrounding areas.  While builds and repair are restricted to the local area of Sheridan, web design can be done for any area.

   If you are in the Sheridan area and need work done on a computer, or need a web site anywhere, feel free to visit and fill out the contact form.  Response is quick and prices are reasonable.

   I specialize in the area of installation and setup of forums and image galleries.  We can also host such sites and customize the appearance.

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This is a commercial site for computer repair and web design.

We hope that you enjoy these services.